Digital Skills for Real Life

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  • Last Update September 25, 2020

Course Prerequisite(s)

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  • Digital Literacy Digital Literacy


This course provides research-informed lessons, tips and resources that will help parents, schools and young people develop the skills they need to become wise, competent and responsible digital citizens who creatively, compassionately and safely use, control and build technology to improve individual and community prosperity, and well-being.

What Will I Learn?

  • Digital foundations
  • Digital wellness
  • Digital engagement
  • Digital empowerment
  • Digital opportunities

Topics for this course

35 Lessons8h

Digital foundations?

The lessons and activities in this section will help you understand how to get connected and leverage digital tools to stay safe while navigating information in the digital world. Skills addressed: digital access, digital citizenship and well-being, privacy and data literacy.
Public Wi-Fi
Cybersecurity, phishing and spam
Understanding and evaluating online searches
Evaluating online sources

Digital wellness?

The lessons and activities in this section help young people use technology to explore their identities and engage with others in positive ways to protect their health and well-being while online. Skills addressed: identity exploration and formation, positive/respectful behaviour and safety and well-being.

Digital engagement?

The lessons and activities in this section help students interpret cultural and social differences, respond and engage respectfully and evaluate, create and share different types of media content. Skills addressed: context, information quality and media literacy.

Digital empowerment?

The lessons and activities in this section help students participate in public matters and advocate for issues they care about. Skills addressed: civic and political engagement, content production and law.

Digital opportunities?

The lessons and activities in this section help students learn the skills they need to fully leverage the opportunities that the digital world may offer. Skills addressed: artificial intelligence, computational thinking, data and digital economy.

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Target Audience

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